With DS-Portal you keep an eye on your electronic systems and devices - at a glance

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DS-Portal condenses and visualises data from distributed heterogeneous electronic systems and devices in a clear and configurable web portal. Thanks to a complex user authorisation concept, selected employees and business partners only see what they are supposed to see - data security is the top priority. The special feature of DS-Portal is that the systems and devices networked via the portal can be controlled flexibly and centrally.


DS Portal in the green energy industry

  • Condensation and visualisation of data from photovoltaic/wind power plants, battery storage systems and fast charging stations.
  • Fully automated processing of weather forecast and power generation data for power trading systems.
  • Admin portal with user roles and authorisation concept.


The advantages of DS portal make your everyday work easier

  • Quick and secure access to important information from distributed systems.
  • Improve decision-making through meaningful key figures.
  • Customisable release management and process workflows.
  • Diverse interfaces and connection options.

  • Performance optimisation through automated key figure monitoring.
  • Automated logging and archiving of data and events.
  • Automation of previously manual inspection processes.
  • Individually configurable user and role system.

DS portal in safety engineering

  • Reading out and condensing data from a building surveillance system (fire detectors, intrusion detectors, access control, key depot).
  • Visualisation of detector statuses on site plans.
  • Admin portal with user roles and authorisation concept.